Cameron van der Burgh’s Swim Tips

by | Jul 3, 2016 | Fitness

Genetics can be cruel. While most of us can sputter our way through a decent-enough doggy paddle, there are a select few that were born to fly through water. These gifted people are – short of webbed toes and gills – the closest we get to being fish

Cameron van der Burgh is one of these skilled aquamen, and he’s used a combination of genetic talent, old-fashioned determination and a shark-like sense of ambition to break three world records and collect a serious amount of podium metal. Along with his teammates, he’s making South African swimming history. It’s not all chlorine and costumes for Van der Burgh, as outside of the swimming arena he has his sights set on building a financial empire through his pool performances. Despite still being in his 20s, he’s learnt a few things that can help you to achieve success in your own life.

Preparation takes the pressure out of achieving. “The main reason I don’t start doubting myself is because I know I’ve done the hard work – the long hours of training for the race,” says Van der Burgh. “Because of this, I really enjoy the race conditions and much prefer them over training. The adrenaline rush and sense of achievement that I experience after a race is the best feeling in the world.”

Ahead of his participation in the Rio Olympics here are tips to nail your breaststroke.

Three breaststroke technique tips from Cameron van der Burgh

Technique Tip 1: In your stroke, finish the pull movement before you kick. If you try pull and kick at the same time, you’ll cancel the mometum of both movements as they’ll be working against each other.

Technique Tip 2: Finish the kick movement by squeezing your feet together at the end of the kick. This will mean you get the full momentum from your kick.

Technique Tip 3: Your arm stroke must be one fluid movement. Dont pull forwards and then stop the move at your chest. Your goal is to make the stroke one seamless move.

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