Calm An Angry Buddy

by | Nov 21, 2012 | Life

Hot-headed comedian Lewis Black tells you how to keep your friend’s temper in check

1. Take it outside
Dealing with someone who’s about to blow his top is like walking a dog with a full bladder: you have to keep him moving to empty all of the contents. If your mate is fuming over a fumble by his team, coax him out of the house and into the garden, or from the bar to the pavement.

2. Make him scream
Telling him to calm down will only fire him up more. Angry men don’t want to be told they’re angry. So challenge him to yell louder. A few hearty primal screams can help stop his steaming. Better to have a few short bursts of rage than a whole day of frustrated stewing.

3. Buy him a drink
To help lend closure to the situation, invite him back inside with a round. But don’t make it a shot of tequila. The better the booze, the slower he’ll sip and the calmer he’ll become. Before you know it, he’ll have forgotten why he flew off the handle in the first place.

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