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by | Nov 11, 2015 | Life

Looking to up your bowling skills? Not bowling women but the actual sport where you have to try to knock over 10 bowling pins. Instead of being the beer frame- In team play, the only bowler on the team not to strike in a given frame must buy a beer for his teammates.

Make sure you clear the lane with these tips from Chris Barnes, 2011 Professional Bowlers Association World Champion, 2014 QubicaAMF World Cup and Emir Cup winner.

Choose Your Rock

Your fingers should fit snugly into the holes but not so snugly that you can’t extract them easily, in order to find a ball that fits comfortably, insert your thumb and stretch your fingers over the top of the ball.

Your knuckles should line-up with the middle of the holes. Pick the heaviest ball you can swing while still managing to keep your shoulder’s square.

See the Strike

Similar to when you’re working out and you’re close to giving in but you see the end product and that keeps you going. Well, envision the strike. If you’re right handed, place your right hand beneath the ball at the 6 o’ clock position and use your left hand at 8 o’ clock for support.

If you’re left handed, use 6 and 4 o’ clock. Start four steps from the line, plus an added half step for the slide at the end. Make use of the lane’s targeting arrows as a guide, to get the most effective angle, straddle the first dot to the right or left of centre.

Aim for the second and third arrow from the gutter- that’s the lane’s sweet spot (yeah a lane has a sweet spot) for starting a chain reaction of tumbling lumber.

Load the Shot

With your elbow flush against your body, make a right angle with your forearm and biceps. Move towards the foul line at a brisk walking pace, your knees slightly bent, leading with your dominant hand and foot.

As you move forward, shift your weight to your other foot and shift your weight to your other foot, let your other hand fall away so the ball swings freely. Aim with you shoulder, letting your arm relax and swing back to shoulder height.

Unleash the fury

As the ball reaches the top of your backswing, slide into your final step. Swing the ball forward and as it passes your ankle, turn the ball so your thumb points at 10 o’ clock.


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