Black River Cross(what!?) #TeamRich Week 2

by | May 24, 2016 | Fitness

Yes, what! Walk in, stretch, sweat, stretch, AMRAP, WODs!

Makes perfect sense does it, well for me it didn’t during the first week!

With the introductory classes in the bag (or should I say Box), I’ve now learnt the bizarre yet conversant  language of Cross Fit. It’s a terminology you form a relationship with, good days, bad days, love & hate but in the end it bonds you together with your fitness goals. And I have goals.

This week, I thought it best to share some of the jargon so later on down the challenge you’ll know what I’m talking about:

WOD: “Workout of the Day” is the workout CrossFitters perform on a given day. It’s near death, but rewarding!

 AMRAP:  As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible – typically in a specified timeframe

EMOM:  Every Minute on the Minute

Burpees: You know what they are!

Air Squat: Standing straight up, an athlete squats down until their hips are below their knees, then stands back up until the hips are once again fully extended.

 Knees to Elbows: Shoot your knees up towards the torso until the elbows and knees touch

Kipping Pull-Up: Watch almost any video on CrossFit and you’ll likely see people swinging from bars like sweaty, fitness-oriented orangutans. But there’s a rhythm to that swinging, letting athletes transfer horizontal motion to vertical force and allowing for more (and quicker) pull-ups.

 Walking Lung: Using bodyweight, a barbell on the shoulders, or a weight plate held directly overhead, athletes step forward with one foot and bend both legs until their back knee taps the ground. Repeat for the reps prescribed or until the legs turn to jelly— whichever comes first.

 Thruster: One of CrossFit’s most deceptively tiring movements, the thruster is— “simply”— a front squat straight into a push press.

 Handstand Push-Up: These are a basic movement for gymnasts— but a real challenge (and an awesome bar trick) for most regular folks. In most CrossFit workouts, athletes can kick up to a wall for stability while they perform this movement. Just remember these don’t count unless the head touches the ground at the bottom and arms are fully locked at the top.

Box Jump: No running starts allowed. Athletes jump up onto a box of a given height from a two-footed stance.

 Snatch: Get your mind out of the gutter. The snatch is one of two Olympic lifts where athletes explosively lift a weighted barbell from ground to overhead in one movement, often squatting under the bar and then standing up— or “recovering”— to allow for heavier weights.

 Clean & Jerk: The other Olympic lift, the clean & jerk actually encompasses two separate movements. Athletes start by explosively lifting a weighted barbell from the ground to the shoulders, often squatting under and then standing to recover. After a brief pause, athletes take a shallow dip and then drive upward to propel the bar overhead, often landing in a split position and then bringing their feet back in line.


Have a look at this week’s training schedule and follow along.


Week starting 23 May



Part A

5 sets of 3 Backsquat – start at 60% and end at 85%-90%
Alternate each set with 20M heavy sled push


Part B

Min 1-3

Odd min – 6 thrusters @ (95/65) (85/55) (DB thruster) Even min – 6 pullups / jumping pullup Min 4-6 Odd min – 5 thrusters @ (115/85) (105/75) Even – 6 chest to bar / jumping chest to bar Min 7-9 Odd min – 4 thrusters @ (135/95) (115/85) Even min – 4 bar Muscleups / burpee pullups

Part C

3 rounds
8 (4/4) round the worlds on pullup bar
Max distance farmers carry

*Rest as needed



Part A

Min 1 – 1 power clean, 1 hang squat clean Min 2 – 3 high box jumps *build in weight for clean

Part B

Partner WOD:


Each partner row 450/350m
1 partner row, 1 partner hold top of deadlift (122kg/84kg) (100kg/ 62kg) (plank hold)


Each partner complete 20 toes to bar

*1 partner complete all 20 while other partner hangs from bar


Each partner complete 10 hang power clean and jerks (135/105) (115/75) (DB shoulder to OH) *partner complete all 10 while other partner holds L-sit hold / hollow hold


Part A

Complete 30 strict HSPU/ 50 strict push-ups/ scaled push-ups

* whenever rest do 3 Muscleups / 5 ring pull-ups/ 5 rings rows


Complete 30 strict toes to bar/ 50 sit-ups with DB on chest/ sit-ups *whenever rest do 3 back raises on GHD/ 5 heel drives on bench

 Part B

12 min AMRAP

8 (4/4) front rack walking lunge (145/105 lbs) (105/85) (Bodyweight)

8 burpees over bar

64 Double unders


Part A

6 sets of:

20M loaded bar carry in back rack (up to 130% of back squat) 20M farmers carry 20M heavy sled drag Rest 90 seconds *setup rack so carry is 10m forward, rack, 10m back

* no turning with barbell on back!

Part B

4 rounds, each for time, each round must be faster than last

15 cal assault bike

10 x 10M shuttle sprint

10 KB swings

Start a round every 4 mins


Part A

6 alternating rounds

3 OH squat

3 bench press

* build to heavy for day

Part B


4 minute row

1 mile run

4 minute wallballs

*score is total calories + wallballs

Part C

3 sets

30 seconds Chinese plank

Rest 30 seconds



BRC Panther regionals


Any questions about the workout? Ask #TeamRich on social media.

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