The Mother’s Day Gift Guide That Will Make You Son of the Year, Guaranteed

by | May 2, 2024 | Promotions

Celebrate your mom or any other important mother figure in your life with these Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mother’s Day is coming this weekend and what better way to say thank you than gifting the special woman in your life with a special premium gift?

More than anything Mother’s Day is not one day you want to screw up. Mothers always give so much of themselves; the very least you can do is gift her with something she will cherish for a while. Are we putting you under pressure? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Whether mom is a fitness fanatic, a homebody, a self-care queen or just likes to have herself a glass of wine after a long day, everything is all here.

A bouquet is always a great idea, but this time we went the extra mile to put together a list of standout gifting ideas that will make your mom smile this coming Mother’s Day. From a Women’s Health mag subscription to skincare products and a gift voucher to those not too certain what to get. This is our ideal Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Women’s Health Magazine Subscription

Available both in print and digitally, a Women’s Health Subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. For all her fitness, health and nutrition needs, WH provides the goods monthly all year round which means you have her next 12 months sorted. 

Trojan TR510 Treadmill

In the busy fitness equipment scene, the Trojan TR510 Treadmill shines for its top-notch quality, mixing advanced technology with features that focus on users. Made for fitness lovers, this treadmill has lots of cool features that can enhance your workouts.


This Huawei smartwatch is a perfect Mother’s Day gift because it offers cutting-edge technology, health management features, personalised fitness suggestions, and customisable watch faces, providing both practicality and style for a thoughtful and functional present. Its enhanced health tracking capabilities, including dedicated calorie tracking and dietary diary features, align perfectly with a mother’s desire to prioritise her well-being. Additionally, the sleek design and personalised options make it a stylish accessory that she can enjoy wearing every day.

NOVEXPERT Collagen Booster

NOVEPERT’s anti-aging solution stands out as an exceptional Mother’s Day gift for several reasons. By innovatively stimulating both dermal and epidermal collagen, it ensures comprehensive rejuvenation of the skin. The incorporation of Collagen 17, boosted by 130% through the patented Novaxyline, underscores its efficacy in combating aging signs. With a remarkable 38% reduction in wrinkles on average within just 28 days, it promises visible and rapid results.

Rose Passion by Jimmy Choo

Presented in a similarly considered way, the Rose Passion bottle and packaging capture the glamour and desire that underpin the fragrance. Cast in a fuchsia box with a bold textured design treatment and finished with Jimmy Choo’s brand name – a hallmark of quality and craftsmanship – the packaging is indicative of the luxury inside.

The Stanley Quencher H2.0

Giving a Stanley Cup as a Mother’s Day gift carries a deep and meaningful message. It symbolizes not just admiration for your partner’s accomplishments, but also the victories you’ve achieved together as a team. By presenting this prestigious symbol, you’re expressing your unwavering support for their dreams and the journey you’ve shared. It’s a powerful way to celebrate not only their individual successes but also the strength of your relationship.

Catrice All Matt Shine Control

Catrice Perfectly Matt Complexion foundation offers more than just coverage; it’s a practical and thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day. With its long-lasting formula enriched with vitamin E and EvermatTM, it not only provides a flawless matte finish for up to 18 hours but also cares for the skin. This foundation is especially beneficial for those with oily or blemish-prone skin, offering high coverage without clogging pores.

Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Electric Toothbrush

Oral hygiene directly impacts heart health, making a quality toothbrush a thoughtful gift. Even amidst busy schedules, this tool ensures mom can maintain her oral health efficiently, fitting perfectly into her packed days between work, family and school schedules.

With a unique 10° bend and drop-shaped head, it effortlessly reaches every nook of the mouth. Up to 84,000 movements per minute ensure thorough cleaning. CURACURVE® technology makes oral care a breeze, while Curen® bristles ensure optimal performance.

TranquilTub™ Bath Soak

TranquilTub™ makes an ideal Mother’s Day gift because it offers a luxurious and pampering experience, allowing mothers to indulge in a moment of self-care and relaxation. Its calming properties help alleviate stress and promote overall well-being, which is particularly meaningful for busy moms who often put others’ needs before their own. This thoughtful gift shows appreciation for all that mothers do and provides them with a rejuvenating escape to unwind and recharge.

MiLQ Breast Pump

MiLQ is a wearable, rechargeable, easy-to-clean, low-noise pump. It can be worn during a workday while taking care of other children and anywhere else where a new mom needs to have her hands free to do and enjoy other tasks.

Crème de la Cream

Crème De La Cream African Mahogany Everyday Moisturiser is your way of renewing and nourishing your skin each and every day. This vegan-friendly moisturising day cream is a carefully crafted blend of botanicals that’ll moisturise, tighten and renew your skin.

Spell on You Parfum

Complete your gift with the latest women’s fragrance by Parfums Louis Vuitton, Spell on You, defined by its iris-based aroma.

Spa Voucher at Radisson Hotel JHB

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing pampering session or an action-packed adventure, the Radisson Hotel & Convention Centre in Johannesburg has something to suit every taste.

A Faithful to Nature Gift Voucher

Don’t know what to get your mom? Faithful to Nature has a gift voucher option that you can gift your mom to get whatever she needs this coming Mother’s Day.

COSORI Premium 5.8-Quart Air Fryer

Your mom can now cook healthy, delicious meals for the whole family with the Air Fryer.

Customisable Memory Foam Pillow and Duvet Set

Sloom’s Premium memory foam chips allow you to personalise your sleep position by adjusting your pillow to the preferred height, while the luxurious zipped cover protects the pillow and provides soft comfort.

Hanging Storage Basket, Elizabeth Design

Handwoven using a beautiful 4mm cane and designed to taper down to the bottom, the newly launched Elizabeth design is both beautiful as they are functional.

Prada Grey Sunglasses

Prada’s reputation for luxury and style ensures that your mom will feel special and fashionable wearing them. The butterfly shape adds elegance and flatters most face shapes, while the light grey lenses provide both fashion and practical sun protection. Crafted with durable propionate frames and polyamide lenses, they offer comfort and longevity, making them a stylish and functional accessory she’ll cherish.

adidas Ultraboost

Mom may be stubborn and say she doesn’t want new things but that’s because she hasn’t tried these new running shoes. The colour schemes are great, the build is near-perfect, and the boost she’ll get in her step will have her hungry for more jogs and outings than ever.

 Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront 

Celebrating Mother’s Day with a three-course brunch buffet and live entertainment,  on Sunday, 14 May 2023 from 1 pm -3 pm. Moms will be welcomed with a Momgarita and receive a gift of appreciation to take home. 

Best Backpack For Mom

Here’s a smart backpack that mom will appreciate and put to good use. Durable and full of useful compartments, this pack is easy on the back and can store a laptop or iPad safely.

PUMA Fit Collection

This winter PUMA has the perfect solution to staying active. For those looking for inspiration, the new PUMA FIT COLLECTION inspires you to get active and look good while you’re at it. 

Garmin Lily Classic Edition

The first-ever of its kind, the Lily is small — and checks all the style and convenience boxes. With just a flick of your wrist or a tap of your finger, the patterned lens lights up to reveal a bright touchscreen display that disappears as soon as you’re done with it. 

Reebok Nano X3

The newest member of Reebok’s award-winning Nano family, the Nano X3, offers the ultimate in-training performance. 

With Love Hamper from Babylonsteren

This hamper contains some of Babylonsteren’s favourite farm spoils, including a few exclusive treats. Their Heuningbos fragrance features a hand cream, room spray and candle. Also included is a lip balm to ward off winter skin as well as edible treats.

Aura Diffuser Sanctuary

Aura Diffuser Sanctuary helps to fill the air in your room, office or home with pleasantly breathable scents.

Sweet Mother Pastel Bloom Arrangement

Give Mom the most extraordinary floral gift on Mother’s Day, like this sweet mother pastel bloom arrangement. This is the perfect gift to remind her that she’s your superwoman. She’ll receive a 10 flower arrangement featuring four mixed pink and purple carnations, 4 mixed peach and lilac roses and 2 cream sprays accompanied by lush shrubbery. 

Mama Knows Best Twinning Pyjamas

Get mom to match her minis with these cosy pyjamas, featuring the slogan ‘Mama Knows Best’ on the long-sleeved top. The check pants are soft and ultra-comfy too with an easy elasticised waistband.

Black Candle Women by Dianne Marie Brown

A warm and wry family drama with a witchy twist about four generations of Black women living under one roof and the family curse that stems back to a voodoo sorceress in 1950s New Orleans.

Quality Hair Products for Mom

Get her these top-selling argan oil-infused hair and body products for the ultimate beauty experience.

TS – ACTV8 Hyper Glide Black Run Jacket

The ACTV8 HYPER GLIDE RUN JACKET is a lightweight running jacket is performance engineered with Dri-Lite technology to keep you cool and dry.

Dior Discovery Set of 3 Scented Candles

The Discovery Set of 3 Scented Candles featuring Ambre Nuit, Eden-Roc, and Thé Osmanthus is a delightful Mother’s Day gift choice. Each candle offers a unique olfactory journey, allowing your mom to indulge in different fragrances for various moods and occasions. Ambre Nuit exudes warmth and sophistication with its amber notes, while Eden-Roc brings a refreshing and invigorating scent reminiscent of the sea. Thé Osmanthus offers a delicate and floral aroma, perfect for creating a calming atmosphere. This set not only provides a sensory experience but also adds ambiance and style to any space. It’s a thoughtful way to pamper your mom and show appreciation for her with a luxurious and versatile gift.

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