Best Jewellery For Men

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Style & Grooming

Play it right with a classic watch or a great armband to ramp up your style. Here’s our pic of the best jewellery for men.

First rule: unless you’re Sergeant Bosco Albert “B. A.” (Bad Attitude) Baracus, keep your jewellery to a minimum. And never wear more than two items at a time – its overkill. Then remember that most guys can pull off silver and gun metal, because it suits any skin colour – but gold looks best on those who are tanned or naturally dark. For a classy effect, wear them in scale and proportion to your body features. For example, the thickness of your bracelet should complement the size of your wrist; not overwhelm it or look unnoticeable.

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Time Piece
You can count on this tough looking watch to give any business or casual attire a bold finish. A classic stainless steel bracelet is the quintessential timepiece, and can be equally impressive as you stride along a boardwalk or into a boardroom.

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Lord of the Rings
If you single you can still wear some finger decoration. Pick one that suits your personality and wear it with an off-duty look on weekends. But steer away from a wedding band styles – you might scare off potential dates.

Brace Yourself
Metal bracelets are eye catching. Silver or stainless steel options tend to be easier to clean and more durable than bracelets made from leather or cord. Remember that your accessories shouldn’t speak louder than your outfit.

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Tied Up
You’ve already got a few good ties; now take it one step further. A classic tie clip or pin shows instantly that you pay attention to the details. Avoid tiepins that puncture or tie clips with serrated teeth, as both will damage a good silk tie.

On the Cuff
You know how that saying goes: dress for the job you want not the job you have. A luxury accessory like a pair of cufflinks, will take you straight to the top of the corporate chain.

Chain Reaction
Necklaces should be manly and simple, not multi-coloured or overweight. This understated option can be worn with either a T-shirt or shirt and it’s a great way to polish your overall look for dressed down Fridays, or even before hitting a trendy nightspot.

Lose the Bulk
There are certain things you never do when you’re in a tuxedo. Taking a bulky wallet to your classy event is one of them. It ruins the fit of your trousers, or causes a bulge in your jacket. Rather slip your money, credit card and a couple of business cards into money clip. Consider this option on non-black-tie days, too.

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Eye of the tiger
Modernise your eyewear collection with a mixed-metal update. The classic frame shape and futuristic aesthetic is a strong combination. Sport the look with slick tailoring for a retro and timeless feel.

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