Best Groceries To Groom With

by | Dec 1, 2011 | Style & Grooming

Sunburn, razor burn

Remedy: Milk
Dip a clean facecloth into a bowl of cool milk and dab it on the burnt areas. (The coolness can help reduce swelling, and milk’s lactic acid has anti-inflammatory properties.) Then rinse it off.
Or try: Olive oil, which has natural compounds that protect against inflammation.

Minor wound

Remedy: Honey
Honey deprives bacteria of the water it needs to multiply. Thwart infection with a swipe of the sweet stuff, and cover the cut with a bandage.

Flaky hand skin

Remedy: Sugar
Coat your wet hands with sugar – the coarser the better. The rough grains scrub away flakes and dead skin cells. If possible, use demerara, a dark sugar with large granules.

Dry skin and lips

Remedy: Olive oil
Olive oil closely resembles your own natural oils, which can be stripped away by harsh soaps and dry heat. Smooth a few drops onto your palm and rub it into your skin to soften rough spots and form a protective moisture barrier.

Insect bites

Remedy: Apple-cider vinegar
Dab the vinegar onto each bite with a paper towel. The acidity can help reduce swelling and curb your urge to scratch.

Athlete’s foot

Remedy: Apple-cider vinegar
A mixture of one part vinegar and three parts water can kill the fungi that cause foot infections. For athlete’s foot relief, just soak your feet in it for a while.

Stinky takkies

Remedy: Baking soda
A sprinkle between wearings can help neutralise funky odours. Just don’t forget to dump out the excess before you slide your shoes back on.
Or try: Orange peels. Leave peels in your shoes overnight to replace bacterial odours with a fresh scent.

Reeking armpits

Remedy: Apple-cider vinegar
It’s not sweat that makes your pits reek – it’s the bacteria that break down your sweat. (Gross, right?) So dip a cotton ball or a washcloth into cider vinegar and rub it under your arms. Vinegar’s astringent properties won’t allow microbes to thrive. And don’t worry about the sharp smell – it dissipates quickly.
Or try: Baking soda, which absorbs stench.

Discoloured teeth

Remedy: Orange peel
Rub the white pith of the peel on your teeth, then scrub with a wet toothbrush to lift any debris. (But do this infrequently or you may weaken the enamel.) Or try: Baking soda. Its gritty texture can help loosen surface stains. Mix a small amount with water until it forms a paste you can brush with.

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