Our Pick Of Bodyweight Moves

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Fitness

Granted, it’s nothing new, but it sure has taken off in the past year or two. The American College of Sports Medicine masked 3 400 fitness and medical experts to pick this years biggest training trends – and bodyweight training come out top. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or worse, haven’t been reading Men’s Health), you’ll have heard about the growth of calisthenics and outdoor, street or jungle gym

We featured the top calisthenics athletes a few issues back, and we even showed how it revolutionised the body and fitness of one of our staff members. So call it what you will, but the rise of the body as a barbell is only going to get bigger, and you need to utilise it. The portability beats a gym membership, and it can work for any level.

Here is our pick of bodyweight moves to add to your workout:

Core Clapper

Clint 1 1

Lie on your back, raising shoulders and heels off the floor. Bring your right knee towards your chest and clap under your thigh. Repeat with your left. Keep alternating for 45 seconds.

Crab Touch to Push-Up Touch

Clint 2

From a crab-walk position, touch each foot with your opposite hand. Flip over. Do a push-up. Cross each leg beneath you and touch each foot with the opposite hand. That’s one rep. Do 10.

Super Skater Jumps

Clint 3

Stand on your right foot and bound left, landing on your left foot. Jump, raising your right knee. Land, bound right and jump up, raising your left knee. Keep bounding for 45 seconds.

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