Become A Master Manipulator: 3 Tips To Get Your Way

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Life

Ever wondered how to talk absolutely everyone into doing something you want to do? Wouldn’t the world be so much better off…right?

Chris Voss an FBI Negotiator shares 3 of his master negotiating tips to get you your way.

The Mirror Technique

Friends who talking among each other will subconsciously mirror one another, mimicking body language and enthusiasm, and showing they are both at ease. This mirroring technique is an imitative behavior that starts in adolescence and goes into adulthood, and it could also be used to influence others.

If your goal is to gain the upperhand in a negotiation, this technique may be helpful.

Chris Voss, a former FBI negotiator and current CEO of the Black Swan Group, is an expert on mirroring. He believes a person’s tone of voice immediately influences another person’s mood and how their brain functions. According to Voss, our brains work up to 31 percent more effectively when we’re in a good mood. For example, if a person sees us smile at them or detects that we are smiling by listening to the sound of our voice, we are able to “reach” into their brain, and flip the positive switch on, putting them in a better mood.This effect is due to the mirror neurons in our brain over which we have no control.  If we intentionally put someone in a good mood, their brain will work more effectively, and that already begins to increase the likelihood of them collaborating with us.

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