How To Be The Perfect Date

by | Jun 1, 2011 | Sex & Love

From the first time she sees you until your first date, she is measuring how right you are for her. We surveyed 1 000 women on their secret judgements and asked experts to help you score big. Here’s how to be the perfect date.

90% Of Women Say Stained Teeth With End Your Chances Of A First Kiss

The gleam of your beam is a token of your hygiene, says Leil Lowndes, author of Undercover Sex Signals. A hint of yellow will stop her from imagining kissing you.

Pass her test Whitening buys sparkle, but diligence keeps teeth shining and ups your chances of that first kiss.

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73% Of Women Say Gnarly Mails Guarantee A Hand-Off Evening

She knows there is no link between finger length and penis size. Still, your hands are a crucial checkpoint, no matter the glove size.

Pass her test Eat three eggs a week. Yolks are packed with the vitamin biotin, which ups production of keratin, a protein that strengthens nails, says Dr David Bank. Healthy nails fight off hangnails and help keep your cuticles in check. Bonus: biotin helps thicken hair too.

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60% Of Women Say Dodgy Shoes Will Affect Your Chances Of Mating

If you can’t lace up a polished pair that match your pants, she’ll think your dowdiness carries over into the rest of your life, says Susan Rabin, author of How To Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace.

Pass her test Most women aren’t expecting Prada. But they do want you to stand out from the ill-shod pack. Start with these versatile staples: brown or black formal lace-ups, leather, non-athletic trainers and sharp but laidback loafers. You can pair any of these with slacks, khakis or jeans.

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97% Of Women Say Winging The Evening Is Not Romantic

A woman looks at how you plan for her as an indication of your dependability and your excitement about her, says Lauren Frances, author of Dating, Mating and Manhandling.

Pass her test Prove that she’s on your mind and scope out a post-prandial spot. Guys tend to drop the planning ball after the meal, and that makes her question your motives, says Lowndes. Scout several staging areas for phase two; a quaint dessert place, a tucked away bar with a killer jukebox so if one doesn’t strike her fancy, you’ll have back-ups.

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90% Of  Women Say A Single Vein-Popping Outburst Can Be A Serious Speed Bump

Drive like Evil Knievel and you’ll soon be riding solo. Women equate the way you handle a tailgater or map-quest miscue with how you’ll treat them when adversity strikes, says Frances.

Pass her test Stow the middle finger and defuse a traffic slight with sarcasm to show her you’re cool in a jam but not a pushover. And ditch those cumbersome online directions.

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