Adventure Camping

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Life

A killer view makes it a heck of a lot easier to appreciate where you are and just sit and do nothing – one of the cornerstones of a good holiday. Try Rocky Bay campsite on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast ( If you pitched your tent any closer to the beach it’d be filled with sand.

While sitting on your butt soaking up the soul-soothing scenery is enough of a reason to go camping, there’s a lot to be said for a bit of outdoor action too. Yes, that kind of action, of course, but we’re actually talking adventure sport. For a range of mountain biking, hiking, diving, golfing, surfing and diving options within a good radius, try Storms River Rest Camp (pictured above) in the Tsitsikamma ( We’ve mentioned this one before so, yes, it is definitely worth a visit.

Are you on holiday or travelling? Quality ablutions, a level ground surface, privacy, electrics and shade are all crucial if you’re spending anything more than two nights. Besides electrical power, which you don’t want here anyway, Tsendze Rustic Campsite in the Kruger National Park ( ticks all the boxes – including solar-heated, open-air showers and regular visits from ellies.

You want relative isolation and the wilderness feel, but you don’t necessarily want to mission like Kingsley Holgate to get there. Chances are you don’t even own a 4×4, so require good access roads (which also help should you need to get out in an emergency). Check out Tweede Tol in Bainskloof (

Catch your dinner

Campers go fishing, and the dropshot is the most versatile and “cleanest” way to fish. Pay attention, spinning class is on.

1. Limit your catch, don’t catch your limit.

2. Invest in a medium-action spinning rod between six-foot-six-inches and seven foot. Ensure the line guides are fairly big (it encourages line movement). Pair it with a spinning reel that has a good drag system and spool it with eight-pound line. Get a fishing licence from any Post Office.

3. Buy some soft plastic lures (either salt or fresh-water specific). Available from most tackle shops.

4. Wiggle, flick, stop. That’s the lure-fishing action. Keep the line taut (minimal slack) as much as possible in order to feel strikes – from a light touch to a hard rod jerk. Most hits will be just a tightening of the line.

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