A New Reason to Hit The Beach

by | May 30, 2013 | Life, Style & Grooming

Soaking up some sun may be good for your heart

We’ve spent the last couple of years smearing on sunscreen and keeping our flat-brimmed UV hats on in the shade, but now there’s a reason to catch a natural tan: the higher your levels of vitamin D, the lower your risk of cardiovascular disease – and vitamin D tabs don’t have the same effect as the sunny sky. If you’re lucky enough to be living it up in northern Europe then there’s even more reason to lie by the pool: for every death from skin cancer there are 60 to 100 people who die from stoke or heart conditions associated with high blood pressure – which means the benefits of sun exposure for cardiovascular health outweigh the risk of skin cancer. Be wary of the sun, but get your daily vitamin-D dose.

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