Add This Killer Ab Exercise To Your Routine

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Fitness

ABS LIKE A GYMNAST! The L-Sit takes a serious amount of strength and mobility to perform. But it’s worth training for because it builds your abs, hip flexors, and shoulders like few other moves on the planet. Start with the knees tucked version as shown in the video by our fitness director @bjgaddour.

You want to be able to hold that for multiple sets of 30 seconds before progressing to the extended legs version. When you’re ready for the advanced variation, @bjgaddour recommends accumulating 30-60 seconds of total time-under-tension with shorter 5-10 second holds. Progressively lengthen each hold so you can hit that total with fewer sets until you can do it for 30 seconds in a single hold. If you don’t have access to parallel bars, you can modify with a pair of benches, chairs, or yoga blocks. Keep in mind that the longer your legs are, the harder this move is.

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