9 Ways To Spring Clean Your Sanity

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Health

1. Don’t Abuse The Snooze

Your poor alarm clock has been beaten, tossed and molested all in the name of “just five more minutes”. But it’s time to cut the snooze abuse. Keep your beeper out of arm’s reach. That way you’re forced to crawl out from the covers, get yourself moving and at least confront your own laziness if you decide to turn in again.

2. Skip The Gym, For a Change

Spending a whole season training indoors means two things (a) yep, you’ve stayed fit, and that’s awe- some (b) you’ve spent a lot of time staring at a wall. Swap your session on the treadmill for the great out- doors. It’s the perfect combination of cardio, catharsis and not-having-to-hear-Chad-singing-along-to-Nickelback-in-the-squat-rack.

3. Kick Comfort Food

The dead of winter is a breeding ground for bad meals and binge eating. We get it, staving off the winter chill is easier when you’ve got a bowl of meat and potatoes in front of you. But it’s time to get back in the kitchen. Switch out your carb-heavy, kJ-loaded comfort fare for some homegrown and homemade spring greenery.

4. Enjoy The Season – No, Not The Third Season

Getting home, plopping yourself down on the couch and re- watching Game of Thrones is perfectly acceptable when winter is coming. But winter has come, and gone, and it’s time to reinvent your game plan. Limit yourself (and your significant other) to a single (new) episode every night. Use the rest of your free-time to take your dog for a walk, or tackle a DIY project around the house.

5. Cut The Crap

You’ve got piles of clutter all around your home, and the mess is starting to turn sentient. Clearing space is easy – just ask yourself, when last did I use this? If the answer is: “I can’t remember”, it’s time to donate, dump or destroy.

6. Upgrade Date Night

Got dinner plans for Friday? Cancel them. Winter was when you’d huddle up in the same cozy diner, on the same damn day, every same damn week. Spring is where you’ll be found out on the deck of eccentric hipster joint that serves everything on a bed of tea leaves. Remember, going out is not just about the food, it’s about the experience and creating a memorable moment. Like that time you guys found the barista’s moustache hair in your Matcha Latte.

7. Do It Yourself

Clearing gutters in the middle of a storm? Yep, we’d also call in the professionals. But on a clear day? You have no excuse to shell out your hard-earned cash to let another guy do your DIY. Look up quick fixes on the internet and take matters into your own hands. You’ll save some dosh, and look like a badass at the same time.

8. Don’t Be A Dad Joke

Your kids need more than a TV and a toy box to connect with their dad. For some real bonding time? Take it outside. The warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to start a family project. Think: tree house. Too ambitious? Think: tyre swing. That way when your little tykes are swinging around during their summer holidays and you’re slaving away in your cubicle, it won’t be “the swing” but “the swing dad made”.

9. Live For The Weekend

We’re not telling you to slack off. It’s the opposite. Remember last season? You know, when you’d leave everything until next Mon- day and doom your days-off to live in the dark shadow of your procrastination and those swirling grey clouds? Nipping your dead- lines in their proverbial bud will save you from staring down the barrel on Sunday afternoon.

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