7 Ways You Can Use Your Fear To Your Advantage, According To A Life Coach

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Life

Executive coach Roland Cox, director of Aspiral (a company that manages individual, team and organisational development), is here to show you the 7 ways of courageous men. Use your fear to your advantage in the workplace:

1. Fear makes you attentive.

“Fear has the advantage of sharpening your focus,” says Cox. “This enables you to plan and strategise thoroughly, so use this focus to set goals and standards for yourself, even if it means fantasising about possible rewards.”

2. It can provide team cohesion.

“While a herd of buck may stick together fearfully for their survival, we humans get to be more creative and purposeful with the same concept. A tight team is powerful and fear can pull us together.”

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3. Fight fearful language.

“The language you use is important because it not only describes your reality but generates your response to that reality. So be discerning with your thoughts, and replace debilitating and negative phrases with more empowering ones.”

4. You can become more curious.

“Being curious about an emerging situation – instead of anxiously trying to predict and control it – can shift your mood from dread to wonder,” says Cox. “A shift in mood is a vital, yet easy way to open up to fresh alternatives and hidden solutions.”

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5. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

“If you’re not feeling the fear, you may be blocking it out. Fearless is the absence of fear – and that’ll get you a Darwin award. Numb is dumb.”

6. Don’t run from the discomfort of fear.

“By having an accepting orientation towards your experience you’ll let go of what’s holding you back. If you get freaked out, breathe out. Notice your discomfort and release it. The trauma train is just passing through.”

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7. Practise and improve.

“Once you’ve started to handle the discomfort of fear and integrated it, you’ll learn new ways – the ways of courage.”

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