60 Seconds To A Free Pass

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Life

How to talk your way out of her less desirable social events, master these tricks and just like Randall “Memphis” Raines, who was gone in 60 in seconds; you could be given a free pass (not that kind-off free pass, bro).

10 seconds: It’s all about highlighting her assets, be subtle about it as she’ll see straight through desperate flattery, so listen up what behavioural psychologist, Dr Rob Yeung recommends “positive labelling” instead: “If you mention a particular word to describe her, she’s more likely to behave in line with that adjective.”

Mention how understanding she is with her friends, and then make your request.

30 seconds: holding your head high, but not too high. “Jutting your chin up is an aggressive action that will naturally make her defensive, “says behavioural psychologist Corinne Sweet.

“Maintain a warm, steady tone. Research shows she’ll reciprocate the sound of your voice.” If you sound acquiescent, so will she.

60 seconds: barter her down, “Studies show she’s more likely to rise to your request if you emphasise what she could be missing out on,” says Steve Martin, co-author of Yes! 50 Secretsfrom the Science of Persuasion.

Mention that she’ll be able to chat more freely with her besties, which will make her realise that she is better off with your version.

– Alice Paulse

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