5 Times You Should Reach For An Aspirin

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Health

Tired of taking different tablets for different aches and pains? Carrying around several tablets all the time can be tiresome. Thanks to the versatility of aspirin, you only ever need to carry one tablet around with you. Here are other circumstances in which aspirin could help you:

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1. When your head aches after doing your own tax return

Aspirin’s first role was as a painkiller. It works by stopping the production of prostaglandins – fatty acids that proliferate in response to trauma or stress – preventing pain messages from reaching your brain.

2. When you’ve wrenched your back moving furniture

Its effect on prostaglandin production also reduces swelling at the site of injury, improving your range of motion.

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3. When you’re having a heart attack or stroke

Alongside calling an ambulance, this is your must-do move: by inhibiting platelet function, aspirin stops the clot that’s caused your heart attack or stroke increasing in size and becoming more deadly. Chew rather than swallow the tablet for a faster effect.

4. When you’ve had a heart attack or stroke

Daily aspirin therapy reduces the risk of a second cardiovascular event by about 20%. Make sure to talk to your doctor to determine the correct dosage or if it will be beneficial for you.

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5. When you have a temperature

Aspirin lowers fever by acting on your brain’s temperature regulation centre. The brain signals your blood vessels to widen, allowing heat to flee your body.

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