5 Fuel Saving Secrets

by | Nov 14, 2012 | Life

The biggest shock for your holiday budget is the fuel price. We go CSI on the worst wasters and tell you how to get to your target the cheapest

Homicidal Engine

A serviced car is less thirsty. Check the engine coolant and oil, and fill up if necessary. “ Although it costs more, use synthetic oil”, says Bernhard Tschenscher, expert the German Automobile Association. You lower your fuel consumption by up to six percent.

Resistive rubber

To little tyre air pressure increases friction and therefore the fuel usage by up to five percent. Help: increase the air pressure about 0.1 to 0.2 bar above the advised amount. Low rolling resistance tires decrease friction, reduce noise and reduce your fuel consumption by five percent.

Criminal Luggage

Your car deserves a beach body. That means only take what you really need. Adding more weight to the car increases fuel consumption. Roof boxes are petrol-drinking monsters. They increase fuel consumption at 120km/h by around two litres.

Killer Aircon

“Aircon: don’t overdo it”, advises Tschenscher “Using aircon uses up to 2.1 litres more fuel. The lower the difference between the temperature in and outside the car, the lower the amount of fuel used to power the aircon. Open your windows and doors for a minute before you start your engine for a minute, to get the heat out of the car.

Driving style

You are on vacation. Relax behind the steering wheel. Your driving style can save up to 20% fuel. Accelerate fast, shift to high gears as fast as possible (change gears at around 2 000rpm). After that, drive in the highest possible gear. When braking, use the engine’s brake abilities as long as possible.

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