Women, Sex and the Beach

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Sex & Love

Wondering what women, sex and the beach have in common; according to a study that was conducted by two professors, women consider romantic getaways to the beach the perfect place to try new things within the sheets with a stable partner.

Whilst group vacations are suitable for no strings attached, casual sex with strangers.

Dr Liza Berdychevsky from the University of Illinios and Dr Heather Gibson of the University of Florida, found this evidence when they conducted an online survey wanting to identify what women’s views are and what prompts them to engage in sexually risky experiences.

In an online survey, where 850 women took part, ranging from 18 to 50 years old, however a large proportion were college students.

“Just over half (nearly 52 percent) described themselves as being in an exclusive relationship, while a third (about 35 percent) said they were not in a relationship.”

Wondering what questions were asked? Researchers asked questions about tourist destinations and activities and atmospheres in which they felt where they were most comfortable to indulge in a risky event.

They were also asked to rate how risky they thought 23 sexual practices or situations were.

These experiences included going to a sex club, having unprotected sex with a stranger, becoming intimate while under the influence of alcohol, and having sex in a restroom.”

We have all heard of ‘liquid courage’- it happens when you consume too much alcohol and you feel as if you can do anything, most times it ends up being the very thing that you would not do if you were sober.

“Alcohol provides women with the necessary excuse to go beyond their usual boundaries and taboos and try things they’ve been curious about but reluctant (or afraid) to try at home.”

There is just a sense of tranquil and ‘placelessness’ that takes a hold of you, when you embark on a vacation, we have all felt that- losing track of time, dates and just immersing yourself in the surroundings whilst feeling disconnected from everyday life.

What happens in Vegas…you know the ending? Take your partner on a romantic getaway to the seaside and she will most likely be willing to experiment as “what happens on the beach, stays on the beach”.

Sources: Medical Daily

Alice Paulse


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