What Women Really Think Of Your Underwear

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Style & Grooming

To find out what the opposite sex finds hot (and, crucially, not), we asked more than 1,000 Women’s Health readers what they want to see when the pants come off.

Take care of your underwear

Take a look at the underwear you’re wearing now. Are they faded or saggy? If the answer is yes, it’s time to replace them.

“How you take care of your possessions indicates how you take care of everything in your life,” says stylist Jacqui Stafford.

It’s a small detail that gives a lot away.

In the poll, women rated uncleanliness and neglect as the biggest underwear mistakes a man can make. Check for skid marks, stains, and pilling on all of your stock, and throw out any you’d be embarrassed to show a date.

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Want a simple way to make your underwear last longer? On your next laundry day, handwash your underwear—it’s gentler than the machine—and hang it to dry instead of blasting it in the dryer, which can distress the fabric over time.

Invest in high-quality underwear 

“Few guys extend an investment-minded strategy to the [underwear] level,” says Megan Collins, founder of men’s fashion advice site Style Girlfriend.

“They understand the benefits of buying quality shoes, suits, or outerwear, but often scrimp when it comes to things like socks and underwear.”

Your underwear is hidden under clothes during the day, so it may seem counterintuitive to fork over a little extra cash for a better-quality pair. But doing so will help you get more miles and comfort out of your underwear, and may make you feel more confident when you do undress in front of someone else at night.

Stick with cotton blends for comfort and moisture-wicking microfiber for workouts.

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What kind of underwear do women rate highest?

Sixty-two percent of women think boxer briefs are a guy’s best pick.

“We don’t want any surprises, fellas,” says Collins. “Boxer briefs in a neutral color like grey, navy, black, or white are best.”

Boxer shorts came in second—another classic fit. If these are your go-to, stay away from kitschy patterns or lame logos—your underwear is not the right place to express

And the last thing any woman wants to see? Tighty whities. It’s time to retire those for good.


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