How To Watch The Greatest Show On Earth

by | Nov 27, 2022 | Entertainment

Off To A Flyer

Action of the highest order has begun in Qatar, with an electrifying set of qualifying rounds. What were Argentina thinkingstarting strong, getting complacent, and eventuallyfalling to Saudi Arabia in a three-goal thrillersetting the tournament on fire? And then the German team fell victim toa phenomenal second-half performance by Japan.

The group stages are bubbling over with opportunity, and DStv are immensely proud to bring the finest details to you in 4K viewing, which is ultra-high definition and lends itself to the fast-pace of this great sport.

The excitement of the commentators evoke memories of 2010 in South Africa and that dreamy start by the host nation versus Mexico – Tshabalalaaaaaaaa! Shame, no Bafana in 2022, but let’s get behind African Nation success. Cameron, Senegal, and the Black Stars of Ghana, who performed so well in the last World Cup, are all worthy of your support. SuperSport has acknowledged the continents hope and expectation, and is supplying 2022  FIFA World Cup broadcasts with commentary available in multiple languages, customised per region:

Nigeria: English, Pidgin, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo.

Rest of Africa: English, Swahili, Sheng, Twi, Luganda.

Ethiopia: Amharic, English.

Maximo: Portuguese, English.

South Africa: English, Zulu, Setswana, Sotho, Portuguese.

Share Your Better Screen

It’s a beautiful thing to bask in the glory of 4K viewing, and the experience is only amplified when sharing. So, become the host with the most!

It’s your turn to get the crew around to introduce them to the wonders of the World Cup in ultra-high definition. While everyone else is creating advent calendars for Christmas, put your organizing skills to better use and draw up a viewing schedule for you and your football chommies to cover every match, from the qualifiers, to the knockout phase, right up to the final on 18 Dec 2022.

Make it happen and don’t get on the wrong side of FOMO, or you’ll have to wait another four long years to redeem yourself. 

FIFA World Cup Survival List:

Just in case the 2022 FIFA World Cup caught you napping, get yourself up to speed with 4K and stick to these tips.

No low-hanging lighting or chandeliers in the sports-watching zone – so you can fully express your goal celebrations.  
Always have at least 3 hours (approximately 2 games) worth of extra snacks and never run out of ice.  
Make sure a very soft toy is handy to throw at the referee. A spongy soccer ball or a T-Rex gives maximum satisfaction. 
Learn some Italian curse words…it’s way more satisfying in Italian. Start with ‘Mannaggia’, emphasizing the middle ‘a’, and it’s child friendly too. 
If you’re going to back a side, get a replica jersey so nobody can doubt your allegiance. Get a few in case your team is knocked out early. We suggest Spain, Belgium, Ghana, and Japan. Germany and Argentina are already looking shaky with early losses. 
With over a month of this epic event to go, and with thrilling football already on show, we can only imagine what the knockout stages, the semi-finals, and finals will present. There are so many Ubumnandi times to come. People might celebrate life in different ways, but when it comes to football, the #KusazobaMnandi experience is guaranteed for all. 

Whether you’re mad about Messi or Mané; root for Ronaldo or Rodrygo or are a sucker for Saka or Suárez, the best way to catch all your favourites, live and in 4K with all the benefits – is with DStv.

*In Partnership with DSTV

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