Unleash Your Running Potential with the Forerunner® 165 GPS Running Smartwatch

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Gear-Tech

Are you ready to take your running to new heights? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete striving for peak performance or just embarking on your fitness journey, the Forerunner® 165 GPS running smartwatch is your ultimate companion. Designed to support you at every step, this innovative wearable takes the guesswork out of training, offering precision and convenience like never before.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Performance Tracking

With built-in GPS and wrist-based heart rate monitoring, the Forerunner® 165 provides accurate pace and distance measurements, giving you essential real-time insights into your running metrics. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confidence as you track your progress effortlessly.

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Personalised Training Plans

Unlock your full potential with personalized daily workouts tailored to your performance and recovery. Whether you’re aiming for a new personal best or preparing for a race, Garmin Coach and race adaptive training plans offer customised recommendations to help you reach your goals faster and smarter.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Don’t let a dead battery derail your training. With up to 11 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 19 hours in GPS mode, the Forerunner® 165 ensures you stay powered up throughout your training sessions, keeping you focused on what matters most – your performance.

Comprehensive Health Insights

Your journey to better health and well-being starts here. Wake up to detailed insights on your sleep quality, recovery status, and training outlook, empowering you to make informed decisions about your fitness regimen and optimize your overall wellness.

Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Stay safe and secure on the go with incident detection and assistance features that automatically send your live location to emergency contacts in case of an emergency. Focus on your run with confidence, knowing that help is just a touch away.

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Smart Connectivity

Stay connected without missing a beat. Receive notifications from your smartphone directly on your wrist, ensuring you never miss an important call or message. Leave your wallet at home and make purchases effortlessly with Garmin Pay™ contactless payments.

Garmin | Forerunner 165 Series meets AMOLED display

The Forerunner® 165 GPS running smartwatch combines sleek design, advanced features, and unrivalled performance to elevate your running experience. Whether you’re aiming to crush your records or simply enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This smartwatch is the ultimate companion for runners of all levels. Empower yourself to push boundaries and achieve your fitness goals with the Forerunner® 165 by your side. Get it now here.

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