Make This Super Sandwich When You’re Forced To Have A Late Lunch

by | Jun 20, 2011 | Nutrition, Recipes

Late lunches happen to the best of us. You’re concentrating so hard on meeting your deadlines you forget to eat. Suddenly it’s past lunch time and you need to feed the hungry beast that is your stomach.

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If you’re fed up of feeling tired after your standard-issue lunch rations, then you’re not alone? We’ve got the perfect super sandwich that will fill you up without filling you out, and power you through until 6pm.

Using Low-GI sourdough rye instead of regular white bread will give you steady energy levels all day. The combined protein power of egg, turkey (or chicken) and bacon fights hunger pangs. Adding chilli to the low-fat mayo perks up your metabolism while the eggs fire up your brain. Avocado lowers cholesterol and increases your absorption of nutrients from the spinach and tomato. Take no prisoners with this super sandwich!

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