The Inebriated Steak

by | Oct 26, 2011 | Nutrition, Recipes

You should pair the steak with the wine that you marinaded it with. Don’t want to drink cheap wine? Then remember to give your steak a good drink. It will be sure to show your taste buds just how grateful it is.


1 x 200g Steak
1 x cup of red wine
1 x cup of bear (not cider)
1 x cup of Woolworths Original Braai Marinade
Whole Black Pepper
Teaspoon of lemon juice
Coarse Salt
Olive Oil
Fine tinder


Mix up the red wine, beer, marinade and lemon juice in a container that will just fit the steak without spillage.

Dose the steak with some olive oil and rub in as much salt as you deem necessary – personally I prefer too little rather than too much, so for me a pinch for each side will do.

Immerse the steak into the mix, making sure that it is well covered.

Crack a few pepper corns on both sides of the Steak.

Allow the steak to sit in the mix over night.

Make a fire and wait until it’s just right. Just right means lots of heat and a little flame to lick the steak as it cooks.

Place the steak on the grill – 5 minutes each side.

Then either place the steak closer to the fire or put down some fine tinder that will create a minute of good flame.

Turn the steak in the flame for about a minute, being careful not to
burn the marinade too much.


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