Want To Build Mental Strength? You Need To Watch This Video

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Mental Health

The formula for packing on muscle is tried and tested: hit the gym, meet your macros and reap the rewards. But what about forging the kind of mental muscle that will see you through any difficult chapter? 

Psychological fitness is an important facet of your overall health, so it’s vital to rack up the reps necessary to steel your mind. We partnered up with our friends at Mygrow—an online employee wellness platform—for a deep dive into every aspect of this oft neglected side of our fitness regimen.  

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Setting aside just 15 minutes for this video (consider it a warm-up for your mind) is exactly where you need to start. In it, psychologist Mark Baker, the CEO of Mygrow, explains what Psychological fitness is, why it’s important and guides you through the kinds of reps you’ll need to fortify your mind.

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