Is This The Greatest Exercise For Building Muscle & Burning Fat? Here’s How To Do It

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Fitness

The single-arm snatch can help you build muscle and burn fat, that’s why it’s known as the greatest exercise. But it’s also one of the most difficult exercises to learn, says trainer Bill Hartman. Use this guide to master the movement and see instant results…

Jump and land; your landing stance is the starting position.

A “hook” grip helps you lift more weight. Wrap your index and middle fingers over your thumb instead of placing your thumb over your fingers.

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Bend your knees slightly and lean forwards at your hips, making sure your lower back remains slightly arched. Keep your hips above your knees.

Pull your shoulders in the direction of your hips; doing this helps stabilise your shoulder blades.

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Simultaneously bend your elbow and pull the weight up, rising onto your toes. Keep the weight close to your body as you push your hips forwards and straighten your knees
– as if you’re jumping.

Let your forearm rotate up and back from the momentum of the lift as you drop into a shallow squat (not shown). Then imagine that you’re trying to throw the weight at the ceiling. (But don’t let go!).

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When your arm is fully extended overhead, it should line up just behind your ear. Positioning it too far behind your head can hyperextend your lower back and hurt you.

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