Here’s How This Guy Used The Farmer’s Walk To Lose Weight

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Weight-Loss

Devan Naidoo says that despite his efforts to lose weight he could never keep the weight off and always ended up putting it back on. Here’s what made it different this time:

Deven Naidoo, 30, Richards Bay, Management Accountant

Weight: 17kg | Waist: 17cm | Chest: 7 cm

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Devan Before

Fry Fat with Farmer’s Walks
“In the past, my focus was on and off,” says Naidoo. “I would do things short-term where it would be more like a diet or one or two weeks of gym. It wasn’t consistent. I would lose weight and then gain it back the next week. But in this challenge I had a purpose every day. It helped me focus and gave me a goal.”

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Naidoo reckons that although you need discipline, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Having a bad meal or losing a day of exercise isn’t a tragedy. “I used to stress about it, but if I eat badly, it’s only 10% of the whole week – so I concentrated more on the positives more than the negatives.”


Naidoo’s Top Tips
1. Get Stronger, Get Quicker
“I started off with one day cardio, one day strength training. I mainly used machines and when I lost enough weight and got comfortable, I started using free weights.”

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2. Shred Fat At Speed
“I was doing a lot of super setting,” says Naidoo. “I would just run for 10 minutes, warm-up on the treadmill then go on to the strength exercises.” If the gym is full, adapt with push-ups and crunches, he advises.

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3. Sculpt Guns
“My favourite exercise is the farmer’s walk where I walk and stop and do some push-ups.  That’s strengthened my triceps and my shoulders.”


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