The Dark Side of This Blue Pill

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Sex & Love

Let this man’s experience with Viagra, be a lesson to you and your buddies, the next time you’re having a guy’s evening and decide to get a ‘lil creative with your pranks or dares.

Daniel Medsforth had to learn the hard way that you do not mess with Viagra, the 36 –year-old builder from Britain took 35, yes that’s right; 35 little blue pills.

Why, you might ask? Stupidity, you may think but no he states that it was just ‘’for a laugh”, which quickly turned sour as he began to feel sick, dizzy and experienced hallucinations.

Everything I saw was green, and I had a massive erection that would not go away,’’ said Medsforth.

He had to fess up to his wife as soon as he got home as he was in tremendous pain.

Although she was more than ‘’a little made’’ at him, she sent him to the hospital immediately.

Where he stayed for a total of 36 hours for observation, surprisingly the paramedics tried to keep a straight face as Medsforth said “The paramedics were very professional, but you could see they were trying not to laugh, the doctors and nurses told me off.”

His erection lasted for five whole days after being discharged, luckily him it was not painful but it did spring to life every time he brushed up against something; which is probably not ideal.

All jokes aside, this silly joke could have ended up in tragedy as Daniel says he realises that he was ‘’very, very lucky.”

The Mayo Clinic warns that “Viagra overdoses can result in various negative symptoms, particularly symptoms associated with the cardiovascular system. Chest pain and low blood pressure are the most common, but fainting, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, and (in rare cases) even death can also occur.’’

All bets off

Guys are by nature competitive and love making bets but hearing about this, might make you a ‘lil cautious in the future.

“In 2008, a 28-year-old Russian man had a heart attack after taking an entire bottle of blue pills in order to win a bet. He won the bet, but he died after the heart attack.”

Sources: Medical Daily

Alice Paulse

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