The Healthy Chicken Curry Recipe To Make For Curry Night

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Nutrition, Recipes

Everyone loves curry night, it’s a fact. Whether you’re more of a chicken korma guy or you’re willing to tackle a vindaloo, there’s something seriously comforting about eating a curry. But the likelihood that you’re shovelling in a healthy chicken curry? Very unlikely.

That’s because most Indian restaurants cook curry in ghee (clarified butter), one portion of which has (a crazy) 50g of saturated fat.

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Fast food can be healthy with MH’s 15 minute meals that support your body both inside and out.

But it’s easier to make your own healthy chicken curry and we’re going to show you exactly how. You can make a healthy masala that tastes just as good using one bit of prep: leave sliced chicken in a ziplock bag with yoghurt and lemon juice overnight. Then, when cooking, fry it in masala paste, adding low-fat coconut milk. Finally, switch rice for cauliflower: “Pulse six florets in a processor for 10 seconds,” says nutritionist Christine Bailey. It comes out like rice but with no carby glycaemic load.

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In fact, switching rice for cauliflower rice is a hack you can use to lower your carb intake. All you need is your own food processor to make your own cauliflower rice, which ends up being a lot cheaper than just buying cauliflower rice from the shops.

This recipe calls for a food processor and this one is both useful and affordable.

And maybe you’re wondering, is it really worth making my own curry when I can just pick up the phone and order one. Well, the answer is definitely! Your local takeaway joint’s curry can have around 5 842 Kilojoules (1401 calories). But the MH chicken curry contains 2 1 35 Kilojoules (512 calories). That’s right – 3770 fewer kilojoules makes this your better chicken curry recipe!

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Consider this the healthy revamp your curry night needed. Plus, the fact that you can make a restaurant-quality curry will seriously impress whoever is dining at your table, whether it’s your parents, your mates or your partner.

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