The Best Haircut For Thick & Dry Hair

by | Feb 17, 2014 | Style & Grooming

When in doubt, always turn to the classics; even when it comes to haircuts. A buzz cut is both masculine and refined.


Vuyo Mzini – Chartered Accountant


Vuyo Before

AT THE BARBER This is a scissor-free cut that’s easy to achieve at the salon by knowing what to ask for, says Jodi Black, hairdresser and co-owner of Barnet Fair. This style is a tapered cut with a squarer front and shorter sides to create structure on a rounder face. It is easy to sharpen this look even more – just ask your barber to clean up the hair line around your face. “It’ll either sharpen your face, if its round or soften your face, if it’s square,” he says. “Use products that are rich in moisture and styling aids that have a slight sheen.”

TRY: Jabu Stone Hair Nourisher Lite 
(Jabu Stone).

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