The Best Haircut For Dense Hair

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Style & Grooming

A new haircut or styling product can change your look immediately says New-York based celebrity hair stylist Francky L’Official. “A textured cut and a matte styling paste go hand in hand and it’ll give you the right balance between style and confidence”. We helped four average guys with different hair types to get the right cut.


Junaid Buffkins – Student


Junaid Before

The latest tweaks on the ever-popular “modern 
parting” trend might look easy, but the correct cut and styling products are crucial.

AT THE BARBER Keep the sides and back of the hair short by using the number one or two setting on the clippers. Add texture to the top of your hair with thinning scissors – this will take some of the bulk away and it’s easier to maintain, says Tenille Cupido, head stylist at Blue Lemon Hair. The great thing about this look is its adaptability: it can be worn messy or pushed to the side for a neater effect, Cupido adds. A clay-based wax will keep it neat.

TRY: Man-U-Clay

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