How To Make Pushups Even Harder

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Fitness

WITH THE BENCH PRESS BEING THE, ER, BENCHMARK of masculinity for most gym bros, push-ups can be as overlooked and unloved as a middle child. That’s a mistake: push-ups offer the same upper-body strength benefits, train your core in a more functional way and
play less havoc with your shoulders. They also offer increasingly challenging variety – and you won’t have to queue for a bench either.

This version vastly increases the difficulty by lengthening the distance you have to travel; it’s also unilaterlal (read:
one-sided) so it cranks up your core strength demands and rewards. Plus it’ll flag and rectify any imbalances you’ve built under the barbell. Don’t be surprised if you find one side harder than the other – or if you see huge improvements in your
bigger, sexier lifts, like squats, deadlifts and yes… your bench.


Find something suitably slide-y: we like Valslides (R999 or use a towel on a smooth floor.

In a push-up position, lower yourself down by sliding one hand forwards slowly until your chest is close to
the ground


Push up with your other arm and slide back. Keep your core braced, and torso in a straight line; then slide the other
hand forward.


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