Style Profile – Sam Allerton

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Style & Grooming

SAM: T-shirt from Wrangler, straight-legged jeans from Caterpilla.

CLASSIC COOL: Contemporary sculptor Sam Allerton is also a 
former MH cover guy. As an artist, his work deals predominantly with the relationship between 
man and nature, which makes it important for him to document his sculptures in different natural environments. And because he has a job that keeps him dirty, denims are the perfect hard-wearing partner to keep him looking good.

What are your favourite denim brands?
I don’t favour specific brands. My priorities for jeans are a great cut that’s also comfortable. They have to be practical and stylish.

Is there anything you’d never wear with denim?
The appeal of denim is its versatility, you can be 
formal or casual – jeans 
can work with virtually 
anything. There is one exception though, really tight vests and jeans – no matter how good your pecs look, you look like a chop.

How many pairs of
 jeans do you own?
At the moment I have 
about five good pairs 
circulating in my wardrobe, 
but this varies because 
of the nature of my work which takes its toll on all 
my clothes and sees a 
high turnover in clothing items. Even my “non-work” jeans inevitably have encounters with sculpture materials. I’m always in need of a new pair of 
hard-wearing jeans.

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