Sponsored: Sick and wanting to check your symptoms? There’s an app for that!

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Health

Tired of googling your flu symptoms only to be told that you have two days to live? New free medical app ‘Ada’ is bringing intelligent symptom checking to the smartphone market, and it’s gaining global attention.
Feeling unwell? Using a custom-built Artificial Intelligence engine developed by their team of medical doctors and scientists, Ada Health have created an app that can help you check your symptoms anytime, anywhere. Ada checks symptoms by asking simple questions without complicated medical language and it learns as the process goes on.

Those that use the app can create multiple profiles in order to manage the health of their family members as well. All the health information for each user is stored in one place: previous assessments, current and past medications, allergies etc – meaning it can be easily shared with a doctor or other health professional.

Saving doctor’s time, saving you money

Rather than being a direct replacement for going to the doctor, Ada is in fact a free  service that aims to reduce the workload of primary care doctors by collecting and collating healthcare information from patients in order to save precious time in consultations which are usually hurried due to time pressure. Users of the app will be provided with curated information relating to their symptoms to help them understand what they or their family member may need to do next and whether seeking professional medical attention is likely to be necessary.

Ada Digital Health co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr Claire Novorol puts it this way: “As both a doctor and a mother, I understand the pressures and the worries of both. Doctors have to diagnose patients in minimal time with maximum efficiency; mothers constantly worry about the health of their loved ones, whether it’s their children or their parents. That’s why we created Ada. Our technology gives reassurance to the whole family about their health, whilst also being useful to doctors by helping to inform their decisions.”

Free and accessible healthcare to the masses

The team behind Ada have made it their mission to make personalised health information and care individually accessible for everyone at a period in time where access to healthcare is as limited as ever for a large percentage of the global population, causing huge strains on health services and the professionals that work within them. Clearly it’s catching on – Ada is now the top free medical app in over forty countries, including Canada, India, Indonesia, The Philippines and South Africa!

Ada is available on the App Store in 70 countries and will be available on Android devices in early 2017. You can find more information and contact details at www.ada.com

Get Ada for free here: https://app.adjust.com/p1osxv  

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