This Spicy Peruvian Chicken Recipe Is Both Delicious and Healthy

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Nutrition, Recipes

We imagine that you spend a lot of time around the fire. And why not? After all, beneath the grid lies a convergence of flavour and nutrition: a fire that melts fat and delivers a man-size helping of smoke and sizzle, the world’s greatest zero-kilojoule ingredients. But that scorching Weber isn’t always the weight-loss weapon we want it to be.

We’re here to restore the braai to its rightful place as a powerful weight-loss weapon. This spicy Peruvian chicken recipe will forever change the way you approach that cherished device in your back yard. Time to feast on some of the healthiest and tastiest  food. You won’t go thirsty, either.

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This is our homage to the decadently juicy Peruvian style grilled chicken, complete with a savoury, chilli-spiked spice rub that seeps deep into the bird.

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