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by | Apr 9, 2013 | Nutrition

These tips will make your meal tastier and your meat juicier.

Chill out

Avoid braaiing meat straight from the fridge. Take it out with enough time to be room temperature before you grill it.

Forget marinade

Most store-bought sauces are sugar-filled syrups that’ll overwhelm your meat. Rather baste in a little Worcestershire sauce 5 minutes before cooking.

More seasoning

Season well with salt and pepper before grilling, says Pete.

Know when it’s ready

Use your hand to see if it’s done: hold your middle finger to your thumb and feel the cushion of you palm just below your thumb. Now feel your meat, that’s medium rare.

Give it a rest

Put the knife down, let the steak/leg/chop/chicken sit on the board for 10 minutes, then cut it. That way the meat retains all those cooked-in juices and flavours.

Use Indirect heat

Probably the most underrated method of tanning your chops, grilling over an indirect heat will change the way you braai. It’ll also mean you use your Weber like a pro.

“As an alternative cooking method it opens up the Weber to a whole new set of recipes,” says Pete Goffe-Wood. “Indirect heat means that the protein is not directly over the coals as in a traditional braai but instead you are creating an oven effect. You can cook cuts that need a longer cooking time at a lower temperature – pork belly or shoulder of lamb – with indirect heat you are able to cook a the meat for 2-3 hours and by using the air vents below the coals and the vents on the lid it’s possible to maintain a temperature of between 140-180˚C.”

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