Maps Maponyane’s Style Tips

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Style & Grooming

Maps Maponyane, the South African brand ambassador for Joop! fragrance, considers himself a DIY kinda guy. That means no tweezing, waxing or buffing any part of his body – unless it’s at gym. Everything he does is minimal. “My grooming regime isn’t really complicated – it doesn’t take hours to look sharp.” Here are some of his grooming tips to look your best in any situation.

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Be subtle with cologne

Maps has given fragrance a lot of thought – his conclusion: you only require a maximum of two sprays and it’s more than enough to last you an entire day. Jacqui Stafford, author of The Wow Factor, agrees: “A subtle whiff is very sexy and a lot says you’re trying too hard.”

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Keep your hair short

In between modelling, acting and travelling, Maps has his hair cut every two weeks. “It’s the easiest way to keep it tidy,” he says. Head stylist Tenille Cupido at Blue Lemon Hair says to keep your sides and back neat using the number one or two clipper settings if you’re a DIY guy. We like the Multi-8 Trimmer (R570, Clicks) which can beused on hair and beard.

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Use more sunscreen

“I use a bit of sunscreen with my moisturiser daily, especially in summer and dry Joburg winters,” says Maps. Dermatologist Dagmar Whitaker adds that sun damage is the leading factor in skin ageing. Opt for an SPF of 30 or higher and reapply regularly if you’re swimming or sweating heavily.

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Embrace a bit of facial hair

“I’m fortunate that my facial hair doesn’t grow out of control, so I use an electric shaver to trim stubble and keep it tidy,” he says. In an Australian study, men were rated most attractive by women when they had a 10-day stubble growth. Use a beard trimmer to even out the length and trim any hairs above your cheek bones and below your Adam’s apple.

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Featured Image: Instagram- @mmaponyane

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