Learn from your partner

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Sex & Love

If a woman is quiet during sex, does that mean she’s not enjoying it?

There’s a difference between quiet bored, quiet indifferent and quiet absorbed. Granted, it may be subtle, but women love attentive lovers, so play close attention. While men focus on not finishing too soon, women usually focus on actually finishing. That might mean sheet-gripping moans or simply a silent, breath-holding groan as she exhales. Our volume settings are as different as our sexual preferences. Never ask, “Was it good for you?” Work on mind-blowing foreplay and, when she’s totally lost in lust, whisper in her ear and ask for prompts. (You may get more than your bargained for: when we’re in the zone, some truly inspiring things get revealed.) Let her take the lead, and she might just help you wake the neighbours

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