How This Man Lost 31kg

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Weight-Loss

The Gain
Throughout high school I was always a heavy kid, then when I was working as a sound technician I lived off fast food and takeaways. At my job at a security company I used to eat on the road between sites. Eating junk became a staple and I eventually tipped the scale at around 118kg! After being single for three years, very unhappy about my weight and always feeling uncomfortable, I decided enough was enough. It was time to do something about it and change my life.

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Scott Maltby, 25, Operations Manager, PE
Weight Before: 118
Weight After: 87
Height: 1.88m
Time To Goal: 10 months

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The Change
I was always told, “Diet, diet, gym!” was the answer. So I set out to revamp my whole idea of food and exercise. I’m passionate about good food and cooking, so it was time to cut out the cardboard burgers and deep fried food. The first change was to cut carbs and sugar and increase my intake of clean and lean proteins. I started to use supplements as meal replacements, and green tea to help me along.

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The Strategy
In the past, my attempts at being a regular gym goer had failed so I enlisted an exercise partner and we decided to gym in the comfort of  our homes. Banging tunes and using basic equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, bars, benches and pull-up bars, we created a four day per week “gym” routine! I read through stacks of Men’s Health mags for articles and routines. Over time we started creating our own routines using a combination of ground work, stability and weight lifting. It was tough in the beginning, but once I started to see the scale numbers drop, it gave me even more motivation to follow through with my weight loss plan.

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The Reward
Being able to take my shirt off without being self-conscious. Not to mention that having to get a whole new wardrobe because your clothes are literally falling off you, is very rewarding.

The Result
Going from a tight size 40 to a size 34 and, looking at my jeans and saying “Do I really fit into those?” I no longer feel fat and I’m not constantly sweating. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without support from loved ones, my girlfriend and my gym partner. Eating healthily and exercising has just become part of life for me and I’m never looking back.

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