How Many Times Could You Have Sex In A Day? These 10 People Reveal Their Personal Records!

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Sex & Love

As you might have overheard in the locker room, trying to have sex as much as possible in one day is a thing. In pursuit of orgasmic pleasure, couples brave chafing, exhaustion, and dehydration—all in the name of setting a personal record (or just really enjoying sex).

Naturally, we wondered how many times ambitious couples had actually done the deed in the span of one day and how those steamy marathons panned out. So we asked a few people to give us their PBs—in bed. Prepare to slow clap.

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1.“My man and I shacked up for the big snowstorm in New York City a few weekends ago. On that Saturday, we couldn’t really go out and do anything, so we started with morning sex and decided to have a ‘bed day.’ We alternated between boning, eating non-perishables, and watching TV. We did it six times in about 12 hours.”—Brenda F.

2. “I think we went four rounds, but I didn’t get off every time. I also think I was super-dehydrated, which is probably why I couldn’t finish. We had to drink a lot of fluids and use a lot of lube. Still, it was lots of fun.” —Jared M.

3. “I had some very hot sex with this guy I just started seeing, and we came up with the idea to get it on as many times as we could in 24 hours. We went four times and probably could have done more, but at a certain point it just becomes uncomfortable, physically. Oh, and it’s tiring, too.” —Hilary P.

4. “When you’re a teenager who has just discovered sex, you want to do it as much as you possibly can. His parents were out of town for the weekend, and we just went at it all over the place, including in his hot tub. When I sneezed the next day, my vagina hurt.” —Brittany T.

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5. “When I was on a beach trip with a bunch of friends, I hooked up with a female friend the first night. I came very quickly, which was embarrassing. But then a few nights later, I got really drunk on cheap beer, and we hooked up again. We ended up having sex three more times that night and once in the morning.” —Rob A.

6. “When my wife and I were on our honeymoon, we were supposed to go snorkeling and hiking, but the weather was terrible. Instead of getting upset, my wife just suggested that we have sex as many times as we could. The record was five times in one day.” —Zack N.

7. “I was doing ‘Netflix and Chill’ before it had a name. In college, I went over to a guy’s apartment and we spent the whole day having sex and watching movies. We had sex four times, but there were multiple orgasms during one of the sessions.” —Cara D.

8. “I had sex with my wife seven times in a row, and let me tell you something: It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. We were trying to have our first kid, and she was keeping track of her ovulation. On one of the peak days, she made me call in sick to work and then have sex with her all day. It was a lot, and my penis started to hurt and feel raw. That was the most times we did it in one day.” —Brandon E.

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9. “I’ve only ever had sex twice in one day. I feel like that’s enough for me. I don’t want to do it so many times in such a short period that I quit appreciating how awesome sex is.” —Nate A.

10. “After being with my boyfriend for about three years, he went on this study abroad trip to France. I went to visit him for a weekend and we had sex four times in one day. It took a big chunk of time out of doing touristy things, but oh well!” —Meredith L.

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