Have Hotter Sex Outdoors Without Getting Caught

by | Jun 27, 2012 | Sex & Love

When you’re thinking of heating things up and taking it to the bedroom, sometimes it’s a good idea to take it away from the bedroom, past the lounge and straight out the front door; into the great outdoors. This is how to have hotter sex outdoors:

In Your Back Garden

Best For: A shy partner.

Legality: Legit if you keep the noise down and don’t have any schools or office blocks in the neighbourhood.

Why? “You’ll get the same rush as sex somewhere more public without the risk of being caught,” says Dr Ava Cadell, author of Stock Market Orgasm.

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Action: A Mayo Clinic study in the US found a sunshine-induced vitamin D hit reduces inhibitions. Rub in her sunscreen; UCLA scientists discovered massages increase oxytocin, the feel-good chemical that lowers inhibitions. And when you get down to business, try it CAT style. Studies in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found the Coital Alignment Technique all but guarantees her a speedy climax. Lift yourself up so the base of your penis makes contact with her clitoris.

Against A Wall

Best For: Spontaneity.

Legality: As before, you need to ensure you’re not overlooked, but if you’re in a rush to find somewhere sufficiently private you may also accidentally wander onto someone else’s property and fall foul of trespass laws.

Why? A report in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the optimal amount of time for sexual intercourse was three to 13 minutes. “Impromptu sex signals you desire her so much that you can’t contain yourself, which is a big turn on,” says Cadell.

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Action: Build anticipation before you find a spot. “There’s a correlation between a woman’s bottom lip and her vagina,” says Cadell. “Sucking gently on her lip as you kiss her will cause a rush of blood to her vagina, making her pre-orgasmic.”

In The Park

Best For: Stimulating your senses.

Legality: It’s a public place so you need to take steps to ensure you aren’t on view by picking a secluded spot. As long as no one can see you easily, you’ll get away with a caution should the police stumble across you.

Why? Studies from The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago discovered that the smell of freshly cut grass is a powerful aphrodisiac, while the US Environmental Protection Agency found fresh air is rich in negative ions, particles which heighten your senses.

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Action: Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine and your iPhone with a sexy playlist and head for the park. Pick a spot near the flowers and take her shoes off – University of Hertfordshire researchers found the best way to relax is to lay down, take your shoes off, smell floral scents and listen to your favourite music.

At The Beach

Best For: Fulfilling your fantasy.

Legality: You’ll need to be out of sight to avoid getting caught by wandering beach-goers, so find a secluded spot, swim out to at least chest-height so nothing is exposed or get out on the water in a boat.

Why? Whether it’s a suntanned, late- afternoon session or a slightly chilly, post-braai romp just out of range of the crowds, there’s just so much to appreciate about sex on the beach.

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Action: Rent a dingy for the day; studies by the Onzin Institute in Amsterdam found that men who go sailing have twice the sex and are better lovers than their landlubber counterparts. The exertion increases blood flow, and the rocking movements of the waves make your muscles more attuned to the movements of others.

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