Make This One Choice and You’re Likely To Have Better Sex, More Money and a Happier Life

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Sex & Love

Out of all things to look forward to in life, marriage might not always top the list. Think about it: You can never have sex with anyone else again, you trade in your weekends with the boys for weekends with the kids, and 5 years later, you’ve finally run out of things to talk about. It sounds like a prison sentence rather than a fulfilling, adventurous life, right? Turns out science would suggest otherwise. In fact, married men are kind of living the dream: They’re happier, healthier, wealthier, and having really great sex, according to a new research brief compiled by the Institute of Family Studies. Don’t believe us? Here are the stats to prove it.

Married Men Make More Money

Studies have shown that men who have tied the knot work harder, smarter, and are less likely to be fired: This is known as the men’s “marriage premium.” Your bank account will certainly see a difference after you tie the knot: Married men earn 10 to 40 percent more than single guys. Not only that, but the average 50-something married man accumulates three times as many assets than his unmarried peers.

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Married Men Have Better Sex

Fifty-one percent of married men report being extremely satisfied with their sex lives, compared to only 39 percent of men who just live with their partner, and 36 percent of single guys. Why? Greater intimacy comes with the commitment of being with one person forever, researchers say. Women are much more likely than men to make love a requirement for having sex and studies show men feel more sexually satisfied when they know their relationship is in it for the long haul.

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Married Men Are Happier and Live Longer

Men who stay married live about 10 years longer than unmarried men, according to the brief. That’s because having a supportive partner to keep an eye on your well-being can encourage you to take charge of your health. And because you have a companion, you always have a partner to make health-conscious decisions with. This type of support affects your mental health, too. Almost twice as many married men reported being “very happy” with life than their single and cohabiting counterparts.

**Article written by Alisa Hrustic

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