Grilled Dorado Recipe: Our Best One Yet

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Nutrition, Recipes

Grilled dorado with hot sauce beurre blanc sound good? Use our grilled dorado recipe and make it tonight!

Hot sauce is a natural condiment for fried chicken and even oysters, but chef Hugh Acheson will deepen your appreciation of it. A good hot sauce, he says, “adds acid and nuance to things – that vinegary pucker thing I like.” At his Atlanta restaurant, Empire State South, his crew even makes a house hot sauce, fermenting barrels of pulverised peppers and salt, later topping off the pungent brew with some cider vinegar.

You’ll find plenty of use for the bottled kind, too, especially in rich, creamy sauces or dishes that already need a punch of acid. An ingenious example: Acheson’s tweak to the Frenchiest of fish sauces, beurre blanc, from his cookbook, A New Turn in the South (R466, Amazon).

Makes 4 servings

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