Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Those Bags Under Your Eyes

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Health

It sucks having bags under your eyes. Here’s our go-to solution:

1. Deep Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Sadly unavoidable, wrinkles are just part of life. Your skin has less elasticity the older you get. UV rays and harsh climatic conditions speed up the process of premature ageing. Regular moisturising with an under-eye serum will help delay the early onslaught of wrinkles.

Nivea Anti Age Eye Cream

2. Tired And Puffy Eyes

Increasing moisture in the eye area will dramatically reduce the effects of stressed eyes after a big night out. Try Lab Series’ innovative rollerball applicator for a revitalising and soothing effect.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Cream

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3. Doing It Naturally

The tender skin around your eyes, where the tissue is thinner and less resilient, is especially delicate. If you prefer using organic products try Dr Organic’s certified organic range. It’s rich in natural plant oils that nourish, protect and firm your skin, while refining fine lines.

Dr Organic Eye Serum

4. Aloha, Aloe

Pure gel extracts from the aloe plant are rich in sugars, amino acids, and mineral trace elements, which hydrate and soothe the skin. This gentle and natural formula helps prevent premature ageing and is great for everyday use. Plus it’s Proudly South African.

Natraloe Eye Cream From Faithful To Nature

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Bags: Mostly a genetic condition, bags under the eyes can also be caused by fluid retention. To make them disappear, gently massage the bag outwards from the eye or try sleeping with your head slightly elevated. Products: Keep your eye products in the fridge.

Quick fix: There’s method in your girlfriend’s cucumber-on-the-eyes madness after all. Cold compresses, whether teabag or teaspoon, applied to puffy eyes show improvement in minutes simply because colder temperatures reduce swelling.

Dehydration: Overindulging with booze or drinking too little water can also cause puffy and swollen eyes. The only way to remedy this is by conscientiously drinking more water.

NB: If your eyes remain irritated, red, or puffy for more than a few days, be sure to see a doctor or eye specialist.

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