Here’s Exactly How This Man Shed Half His Weight

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Weight-Loss

Clinton Pillay, 25, was tired of being overweight. With hard work and the right diet he was able to shed 70kg of fat.

Weight before: 140

Weight after: 70

Occupation: IT entrepreneur

Height: 1.71m

Time to goal: 10 months

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The Gain

I began my life as a really chubby baby, and remained overweight all the way to adulthood. Everyone that knew me had a special nickname for me: “Fatboy”. Because I’d never been thin, I told myself that I never would be. As a result, I didn’t try to change my lifestyle and resigned myself to the fact that I would always be fat.

The Change

In November 2007, I experienced severe chest pains and consulted my GP immediately. I was told that, due to my obesity, my cholesterol level had risen to a staggering 7.9. I was only 22 years old, but weighed a hefty 140kg and was wearing size 48 pants. My doc told me that a heart attack could happen at any time. His exact words were that I was a “ticking time bomb waiting to explode”. Those words pushed me to become the health fanatic I am today.

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The Strategy

My first decision was to join a gym. My fiancée and I started reading about the right nutrition for weight loss and put together a high protein eating plan, which I have maintained. At first, gym wasn’t enjoyable or easy for me. Being 140kg, I could barely fit onto the exercise bikes. The Belly Off stories motivated me, boosting my confidence and making me feel more comfortable being in the gym. I hadn’t chosen to just lose a couple of kilograms, but rather to change my lifestyle.

The Reward

As I shed kilograms, people kept asking me about my “secret weapon” and ended up adopting my training programme and eating habits, too. I’m glad to know that my achievement gives many overweight people hope and motivation to change their lives.

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The Result

After just 15 days I was already nine kilos lighter. That was the start of many happy days getting on a scale. To date, thanks to my new, enjoyable lifestyle, I’ve maintained my weight loss. I have reduced my weight by 50% and have never felt more confident about my health. I can now run up a flight of stairs without becoming breathless.

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