How Serial Entrepreneur Charles Junior Is Embracing 99 Days of Sobriety for Optimal Health

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Health

In a world often saturated with alcohol-centric social norms. Breaking free from the grip of excess can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Yet, for many, the decision to embark on a journey of sobriety sparks a transformative experience that transcends physical health to encompass mental clarity, emotional resilience and unparalleled personal growth. In a sit-down interview with Charles Jr Dlamini, also known as CJ. I unravel the inspiring story of his 99-day quest to reclaim his well-being. Hailing from the same city as me, Joburg, CJ is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to crafting a dynamic fitness brand driven by authentic personal content. ‘Perfection isn’t my aim, but rather continual growth and improvement, fuelling my daily endeavours,’ says CJ.

Fitness Routine and Physical Transformations


99 days sober, see you next week 😬

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With sobriety came a newfound dedication to physical fitness. CJ followed a structured routine of four days of training followed by one day of rest, experiencing a surge in energy levels that enhanced his workouts and overall physical performance. He remarks, “Sobriety has allowed me to focus more on my fitness goals. I’ve noticed significant improvements in my strength and endurance since cutting out alcohol.” Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition highlighted the positive effects of reduced alcohol intake on physical fitness, showing improvements in muscle strength, endurance, and recovery time among individuals who abstained from alcohol.

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Mental and Emotional Impact

The benefits of sobriety extended far beyond the physical realm, impacting CJ’s mental and emotional well-being. He shares, “Eliminating alcohol has been transformative, particularly on a mental and emotional level. I’ve experienced a significant boost in energy levels, enabling me to maintain focus and productivity throughout the day.” Recent studies have shed light on the profound impact of reducing alcohol consumption on various aspects of health, fitness, and productivity. A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that employees who participated in a workplace intervention to reduce alcohol consumption reported significant productivity improvements, with fewer missed workdays and higher job performance ratings. 

Navigating Social Spaces

While social situations often revolve around alcohol, CJ discovered the importance of finding healthy substitutes and supportive social circles. He reflects, “Initially, it was challenging to navigate social situations without alcohol, but I’ve found that engaging in alternative activities with like-minded friends who have also embraced sobriety has been incredibly supportive.”

Unexpected Challenges and Personal Growth

The journey to sobriety was not without its obstacles, particularly in navigating relationships centred around alcohol. CJ acknowledges, “Unexpectedly, I found that certain friendships were put to the test. The realisation that some relationships were largely centred around alcohol was sobering but ultimately catalysed personal growth and self-awareness.”

Long-Term Changes and Dietary Evolution

Looking beyond the 99-day challenge, CJ envisions a permanent shift in his relationship with alcohol. With a newfound awareness of calorie consumption, he has adopted a more structured approach to nutrition. He explains, “I’ve started tracking my macronutrient intake, which has been instrumental in optimising my diet to support my fitness goals.”


“The magic is in the work youre avoiding”#runtok #running

♬ original sound – The Boy

Holistic Benefits of Sobriety

Beyond the physical, sobriety has catalysed positive changes in all aspects of CJ’s life. Reclaiming weekends previously lost to alcohol-induced haze has led to deeper connections with loved ones and a greater appreciation for meaningful experiences. He concludes, “Sobriety has allowed me to live more intentionally and authentically. I’ve embraced deeper connections and meaningful experiences, enriching my overall well-being.”

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In the pursuit of optimal health, sobriety emerges as a powerful catalyst for transformation. Through commitment, resilience and self-discovery. CJ’s 99-day journey is a testament to the profound benefits of embracing sobriety and reclaiming control over one’s well-being. As we raise a glass to newfound clarity and vitality, may we all find inspiration in the pursuit of our paths to health and wellness. Follow CJ’s 99-day challenge here to get inspired.  

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