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by | May 19, 2016 | Fitness

This is a great time of year here at Men’s Health, when we get the chance to prove that men of all shapes and sizes can transform their fitness and their bodies with the right mindset, diet & some hardcore training. Game on.

My 100 Days To Muscle training style consists of strength training as well as HIIT circuit training with the winning team at BUC Fitness & Sweat100. I have heard of many mates transforming their fitness levels with these guys, so I am very proud to join this ‘muscle factory’.

Wiehann van Wyk, Personal Trainer, has taken me under his wing, or rather, his giant lats. He’s pushing me to develop both the large muscle groups, as well as the smaller, detail-muscles that, according to him, make all the difference between simply being big and a truly well chiselled physique.

Our first session on Monday was a show-and-tell session. Wiehann had a look at my current body shape, jotted some measurements and then took me through a few standard exercises, watching and evaluating my every move.

He soon mentioned that I tend to use my shoulder strength in almost every upper body exercise. This is a bad training habit that prevents me from truly focusing on my chest or arms when trying to isolate these specific muscles. The challenge is now to develop my mind-to-muscle intelligence, in order to learn how to flex the right muscle at the right time.

Wiehann now has me flexing and stretching the muscle being exercised in between each set. After a while it’s as if your brain suddenly figures out “Ah! THERE’S that upper-chest muscle.” Do this. It works. Make sure you think about and use the right muscles during each rep, otherwise your isolations are useless.

Join me on this journey. It won’t be easy, but we will become strong AF.

 Here is my 1st weeks Training schedule:






My first month will consist of high-rep strength training and no cardio. This is the big muscle phase.

BUC Fitness Club & Sweat1000



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