Building Body and Mind: Tim Theron’s Prep for Netflix’s “Heart of the Hunter”

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In Netflix’s latest suspense thriller, “Heart of the Hunter,” directed by Mandlakayise Walter Dube, viewers are plunged into a post-democratic South Africa where one man’s quest to protect his family evolves into a battle against corrupt political forces. Adapted from the eponymous book by acclaimed South African novelist Deon Meyer, the film features Bonko Khoza in the lead role of Zuko Khumalo, a seemingly ordinary family man with a dark past.

As the story progresses, Zuko’s peaceful life is shattered when an old friend pushes him to fulfil a promise and stop a corrupt politician, Daza Mtima, played by Sisanda Henna, from becoming president. Reluctantly, Zuko is pulled back into a world he thought he had left behind, putting not only his family’s happiness but also his life at risk. Fierce PIA director Mo, played by Connie Ferguson, is watching Zuko’s every move. Will Zuko make it home to Malime, played by Masasa Mbangeni, unscathed and finally put that ring he’s been carrying around to good use? Or will the agents tracking his every move, like Mo’s lethal sidekick Tiger, played by Tim Theron, end him once and for all?

WATCH: In the video series ‘A Day in the Life with Tim Theron’ below, the actor who portrays the pivotal character in the film recently spent the day with Men’s Health to discuss his role, fitness, stunt training, style and the filming experience.

A Day in the Life with Tim Theron

Below Theron shares insights into his character and experiences on set, revealing what drew him to the project and highlighting the film’s embodiment of South African excellence, from its source material to its diverse cast and crew.

Tim: Just the opportunity to work with Bonko drew me to this project. I’ve been a fan of his for many years. I’ve followed him on Instagram and I’ve even reached out to him a few times with ideas for movies (laughing). Honestly, It’s a great story, and what made me passionate about this film is that it truly embodies South African essence. The characters are diverse and represent a slice of South Africa, and the cast comprises some of the country’s best talent. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see them and realise they are on par, if not beyond, the level of many international actors.

As for my character, Tiger, viewers can expect a man struggling with his past and the choices that led him astray from honour. He is not a nice guy, but there are nuances to his character that reveal there’s more to him than meets the eye.

There were so many memorable moments during filming. One that stands out is shooting the final fight scene in the rain. It was a gruelling experience, but seeing everyone’s dedication to delivering their best performance despite the challenging conditions was inspiring. It encapsulated the vibe of the whole movie, where everyone came to set every single day and gave their absolute best.

The biggest challenge and opportunity were the action scenes. The scale of what we did in “Heart of the Hunter” surpassed anything I had done before. Additionally, the South African setting added another layer to the story, enhancing its authenticity and providing a unique backdrop for my character’s journey.

The locations we shot in were not only thrilling but also added depth to the story. They almost became characters in themselves, highlighting the beauty and complexity of South Africa. From the bustling streets of Cape Town to the remote landscapes, each location provided a rich backdrop for our performances and contributed to the overall atmosphere of the film.

Heart of The Hunter | Official Trailer

“Heart of the Hunter” is currently streaming on Netflix.

Heart of the Hunter,” has made history by reaching the top spot in English-language films on the Netflix Top 10 weekly rankings. The thriller secured number 1 between March 25 – March 31, making it the first African Film to achieve this milestone. “Heart of the Hunter” has garnered an impressive total of 11 million views and ascended to the Netflix top 10 list in 75 countries: the United States of America, Nigeria, France, Germany, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Kenya. 

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