Bridgestone’s Bike Booth

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Life

Meet Bridgestone’s Bike Booth 2.0, a 360-degree MTB photo booth constructed with multiple GoPro cameras in the middle of a bush to capture action-moments as riders passed through it, from various angles.

This was executed at the Bridgestone Route 66 MTB Experience as a way of engaging the mountain biking community.

The booth employed bullet-time/time-slicing, a cinematic effect which allowed them to freeze riders in time (not literally!) as they passed  through – and – move the camera around, much like the action sequences in The Matrix.

“With the BikeBooth we did not simply freeze time, we moved sideways in time,” said Charl Diener of The Content Mint, Bridgestone SA’s Content Marketing Agency. “To do this we needed a lot of cameras shooting simultaneously from slightly different angles. In post-production we then jumped in sequence from camera angle to camera angle to create the effect. There has never been a photo booth of this kind at a mountain biking event in South Africa,” he added.

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