Blaming The Condom For Your Bedroom Woes?

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Sex & Love

Scenario: You and your partner or date are having an amazing night and she has been giving you subtle signals throughout the evening indicating that things could potentially heat up later.

The latter part of the evening has arrived and she is hot and you’re ready to go but after slipping on some latex, you find yourself having stage fright?

Leaving you thinking that perhaps the condom is the reason you experiencing problems in that department, I am sorry fella’s but slipping on latex has nothing to do with your bedroom woes as this latest study suggests.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers found that men who experienced having trouble with maintaining an erection whilst using condoms, could also experience “erectile dysfunction” without the use of a condom.

479 men were recruited for this survey between the ages of 18- 24, researchers asked them questions about their general erectile function. The results looked like this: 14 percent reported that they experience trouble putting a condom on, 16 percent reported condom related issues whilst mid coitus.

However 39 percent had no issue performing whilst wearing a condom and 38 percent reported that they experience performance lag in between putting the condom on and having intercourse.

According to Medical Daily “Because these issues often happened without a condom in the mix, though, the authors believe that their difficulties are likely more related to pre-existing hang-ups or simple inexperience with condom use than to the condom’s design specifically.”

There goes a potential scapegoat out of the window, however this could be a positive as you are now encouraged to get to the bottom of the problem. This is not the first condom myth that has been busted as another study also published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, ‘found that they rated safe sex as “highly arousing and pleasurable” as sex without a condom.’

If you still find yourself fretting about your performance within the bedroom, an earlier study found that men who do experience condom-related issues were most likely to recover within the first minute of intercourse.

Sources: Medical Daily, Journal of Sexual Medicine

Alice Paulse

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